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How can I help? Glad you asked!

These buckets are a starting place that have helped many of my clients describe their most pressing needs. Every opportunity is unique - I use these buckets as a starting point and will tailor deliverables, timelines and services provided to your needs. 

Sustainability and Social Impact Strategy, Planning and Execution

You: are looking to do good for the world in a way that creates value for your brand and business… or to improve and expand upon the work you’re already doing


You need: Someone who can bridge the communication and understanding gap between the team leading this work and internal stakeholders who need to align to and support the work. A partner with a deep commitment to meeting people where they are at, and bringing them along with your journey to change the world.


You gain a partner who:

  • Has a BA in Social Welfare and a MS in Agriculture, Food and the Environment with studies in sustainable business

  • Extensively worked to build sustainability and social impact strategies for national and global organizations from inception through execution and iteration. 

  • Specializes in convening internal partners to build alignment for the importance of this work by uncovering known (and unknown) goals and constraints and convening transparent conversation about priorities, resources, and obstacles

  • Develops and assesses marketing messaging to ensure it resonates with broad groups of potential consumers and fans - not just the loyal few

Pinch hitting to achieve your BIG idea

You: Have got the basics covered, but have a big idea or initiative… that you don’t have the partner in-house to pull off, or have hit your internal bandwidth limit and are looking for a short-term resource.


You need: Someone who can quickly embed themselves within your organization and culture to add value and make an impact on a short-term basis. 

You gain a partner that can deliver:

  • Campaign development and deployment

  • Turnkey toolkits

  • Project management, strategy or communications support as part of a larger project team

  • Team member training and coaching 

  • Strategy session planning and facilitation

  • Parental leave coverage

These additional services are now provided as part of
Hive Marketing Collective:

Brand Development + Marketing Strategy

You: a small and nimble business getting started, or an established business who set up your brand and marketing with DIY tools. 


You need: Something savvy and strategic that will guide successful business growth, that you can execute and maintain with your limited in-house resources. 


You walk away with assets such as

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand guidelines

  • Branded toolkit - logo and branded Google or Microsoft Suite tools

  • Website buildout

  • Marketing calendar 

Brand Presence
+ Marketing ROI 

You: Are an established business who might feel like you’ve thrown spaghetti at the wall. The algorithms keep changing, you feel like you spend too much time on marketing, and you don’t know if anyone (or truly if the right people) are even listening! 


You need: To cut through the clutter and grab people’s attention… and then convert them into a captive audience


You gain insights such as:

  • Snapshot of your reach today - on all owned channels

  • Analysis of your target audience(s)

  • Recommended strategies to better reach and retain those audiences - both what to say and where to say it

  • Development and deployment of strategies as needed

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