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As a strategic marketing consultant, I quickly get to know you – the obstacles you are facing, your values and core beliefs, and any constraints you may have, such as budget, resourcing, or stakeholder perceptions. I then use my skills and experiences to inform my work, but not to restrict it to a small list of services. I remain guided by the shared opportunity in front of us, such as establishing:

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Meaningful Messages

You have something to say, but you don’t know how to say it. I will help you bridge the understanding gap between your core value proposition and the needs of the people you are trying to reach, whether they are members of your team, target consumers, or the world at large. I then develop strategies, programs, brand architecture and initiatives that create brand ambassadors and build a community of fans.

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Consistent Connections

Your message is sound, timely and important, but you don’t think you’re reaching the right people. I will work with you to run brand and channel audits to give you a clearer picture of where your efforts are spent. We can maximize your effectiveness by developing a consistent integrated strategy to guide all efforts. I also create KPIs for you to understand performance, reach and ROI.

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Partnerships and Coalitions

You need to develop and deploy a unified strategy centered around a big “why” – but with all the other work you’re tasked with achieving, you don’t have the bandwidth to accomplish this in-house. Whether you need to unite internal departments, build connections between a business and philanthropic organizations, or unite a diverse group of partner organizations around a common goal, I create the blueprint for a solid strategic foundation.

Working Together on Project

"Rachael is an incredible communications leader and an even better person. She listens and asks the right questions in order to fully understand how to form our voice and connect with our audience. She delivers a finished product with a soul, constructed strategically to properly connect and pull in your audience. She is a true partner, sincerely caring about our brand and success"

Weston Spiegl, Vice President of Operations, Yosemite Hospitality (a Division of Aramark)


I’ve held many roles, yet none shaped my career quite like being a camp counselor. It’s a role that’s part project manager, part entertainer and part coach. It takes a lot of empathy, active listening, creative problem-solving, cheerleading, generosity… and hard work! I’m not a camp counselor anymore, but the same values and approach guides me today. I’ve developed strategies and shepherded teams of many sizes and functions to push forward and achieve big things, even when working amidst large-scale changes, limited budgets, or stakeholders who can’t quite agree. I spent 15 years growing beloved brands, whether it was building out their storytelling and content strategies, optimizing their channels approach to maximize reach, deploying integrated marketing campaigns, enhancing their internal communications and culture-building communications, or creating new and exciting partnerships uniting multiple organizations and community groups to achieve a common goal. When not helping inspiring brands tell their stories… I’m probably telling stories to my two kids, whether it’s at home or around a campfire. Ok, so I still might still be a camp counselor!

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